How to 3d Print Miniatures

3D Printing Technology has allowed people to create their own miniatures. It is a very exciting process and one that can be a great way to express your creativity. Here are some tips on how to 3D Print Miniatures and the differences between FDM Miniatures and 3D Resin Miniatures.

Materials Needed

    • 3D Printer: This is the main device used to print your miniatures. There are many 3D printers available that you can purchase.
    • A design: You will need to create a design for the miniature you wish to print. You can find many designs online that you can use if you don’t want to make your own.
    • PLA Filament: This is the plastic material that the 3D printer uses to create your miniature. Different filaments can be used depending on what type of 3D printer you have.

Step-by-Step Instructions

    • Create your design for the miniature you wish to print. You can do this using 3D software such as Blender or SketchUp.
    • Once your design is complete, save the file to your computer.
    • Now, you will need to open the file in a 3D slicing program. This will allow you to adjust the printer settings so that your design will print properly on the 3D printer.
    • Once your settings are complete, you will then be able to send the design to the 3D printer. Make sure to load the PLA filament into the printer.
    • The 3D printer will then start to print your design, creating your miniature.
    • Once the printing is done, remove your miniature from the 3D printer, and you’re done!

Difference between FDM Miniatures and 3D Resin Miniatures

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and 3D Resin Miniatures are two different types of 3D printing. FDM is a type of 3D printing where plastic filament is melted and then deposited into the desired form. This method is typically used for larger miniatures and is usually cheaper than 3D Resin printing.

3D Resin Miniatures is a type of 3D printing where a UV light cures the liquid resin. This method produces highly detailed miniatures that can be printed at smaller scales, making them ideal for creating intricate designs. 3D Resin printing is typically more expensive than FDM printing.


3D Printing is an exciting process that allows you to create unique miniatures of your own designs. Depending on your preference and budget, you can use FDM or 3D Resin printing. With these tips, you can now start your own journey in the world of 3D printing!